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Meet John Ssebunya

The crickets already turning up for the evening as Millie beckons us through one last tunnel of undergrowth and stops at a small, knobbly barked tree. "There", she say says breathlessly geticulating at the branch just above her head. "That's where he was. Up there", clinging to a branch, just like a monkey.


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    The Pearl of Africa Children's Choir was founded in 1983 by Molly and Paul Wasswa, two teachers who established the Molly and Paul Christain Schools and The Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation. The two Organisations run schools in Kampala and Masaka Districts of Uganda. The Choir members signing are selected from talented children who attend the seven schools of Molly and Paul school.


    Some of the children come from caring families and others from less disadvantanged backgrounds who are being taken care of by the Foundation. Since its inception,the choir has been growing from strength to strength and now it is a well known choir not only in Uganda but also in other countries such as the UK, USA & Ireland.The choir has performed at BBC, VOA, TBN ,ITV, Discovery Channel, The Paul O 'Grady Show - Channel4 to name but a few. Music is a way of bringing so much joy into a person's life and so


    Molly and Paul Wasswa realized that the choir would be a means of brightening up the lives of these young ones regardless of their background. It is also another way of communicating to those who enjoy music and others who need a divine touch. Please visit for more information about the choir. Some of the objectives of the Choir are;

    1. To Promote, appreciate and develop the young talented artist.
    2. To inculcate in them a sense of creativity, self motivation, evaluation and to maintain the skills acquired
    3. To learn to exchange their desirable and acceptable culture to other communities in the world.
    4. To advertise and fundraise for the needed support for the development of Molly and Paul Christain schools/projects

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