We thank God that people are donating more cows for the children to have milk. Milk is taken to be very essential food for the children here as it has majority of the food values the human body requires. They also supply us with manure which is very good for fertilizing our soils. At the farm school students are given better skills animal husbandry

Construction of the Farm school. This provides the students with practical skills especially in agriculture practices. When Jessica and Friends visited Uganda they gave us two Cows for the Farm school and one of them have delivered a calf. Now the children of the farm school at the children's village can now study in a more comfortable environment

As can be seen from the picture, we thank and praise God to the donation of a bus for the choir form stagecoach of UK. We shall ever praise God for their continued support by giving us a bus free of charge, with a driver for the choir whenever we visit UK


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