Statement of Faith

WE BELIEVE that the institution of marriage is a permanent, lifelong relationship, regardless of trials, sickness, financial reverses or emotional stresses that may ensue.

WE BELIEVE that we are happy people because we know that our sins are forgiven and we will some day live with God in heaven.

WE BELIEVE that after a person is saved by the blood of Christ he should continue on to being filled with the Holy Spirit as the believers did in the early church. We also believe that Jesus is the same today and still heals sick bodies. Yes and the best of all, we believe that Jesus is coming back again for those who love and obey him.

WE BELIEVE that children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord. We are therefore accountable to God for molding, shaping and preparing them for a life of service to God and society in which they are expected to live.

WE BELIEVE that human life is of estimable worth and significance in all its dimensions, including the orphans , the aged, the widowed, the mentally retarded, the orphans , the physically handicapped and every other conditions in which humanness is expressed from conception to the grave, including the unborn.

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