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Hi My name is Bukenya Dennis, an accountant and also a former student of Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation.
I would like to give my testimony about M&PCCF, despite the various rumors about Molly and Paul implicating the foundation's administrators for being dishonest and misuse of money donated to the Foundation.

After completing my Primary Leaving Examinations with a first grade in 1999, i went back home to my mum and dad to present to them my certificate. They were very happy with my performance. My mother started thinking of where to take me for secondary education. However, since most of the schools in my area were private schools, i could not join any of them because my parents were poor and could not afford paying school fees.
My mother had already known of Molly and Paul Schools and their mission. We then boarded for Kibuye, Kampala to  ask for help from uncle Paul to be able to further my studies because i was a bright child.

I was offered a place to start studying in Kamuzinda from Senior One and continued up to senior six at Kibuye in the boarding section. I successfully completed senior Six but the battle was not yet over!! I was offered a place at Makerere University to persue a Barchelors degree of Business Administration on private scheme! This meant that i had to pay about 1,800,000/=  for my self at the university each academic year, but my parents could still not afford this. Uncle Paul and aunt Molly decided to give me a half bursery each academic year to pay for my tuition with the other half being support from my uncle.

On  21 Jan 2010 i graduated from the most reputable university in Uganda- Makerere University with support from Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation.
From the above testimony am very grateful and thankful for this help from Molly and Paul Schools, because if it was  not for this help, i certainly couldn't have become what i am today.

I therefore would like to thank and also call upon all the supporters of Molly and Paul to continue supporting these schools, because there are so many children like me i.e orphans, children from very poor backgrounds, street children etc... that continue to benefit from your generous support.
I therefore strongly refute any allegations of financial mishandling by the Foundation, because i think this money is serving the purposes for which it is intended to serve.

Thank you Molly & Paul Childcare Foundation and all her supporters.


Kansaze Betty


Greetings to you all who may read this story in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

First of all I dedicate my success story to my grand mother Nankibirwa Milly a born of Ssemabaale village in Busukuma subcounty, Mpigi district, to my adapted dad Mr. Paul Wasswa M. and mum Mrs. Molly Wasswa.


Iam Kansaze Betty a born of Nakawuka-Nssaggu, Mpigi district aged 31. Iam currently working for Uganda Christian Outreach Ministries, as the orphanage manager of HIMMELS BATCH CHILDRENS’ home in Kyamulibwa- Masaka. Iam a Christian fully filled and I decide to declare this truth voluntarily.


This story is to gratefully say thank you to the Molly and Paul child Care Foundation, an Organization which took whole support and care of me since my primary level to University level. Thank you thank you very much for accepting and choosing to sponsor me and my little brother.

On the other hand I thank you too Molly and Paul family in particular for adopting me at the age of 9years as your daughter in your family and taking excellent care of me in all aspects of life a child may need.

Iam now grown up to become an important person in the nation of Uganda and the world at large as well as living  an enjoyable life, which would not be  the case if left in a life before meeting the Molly and Paul Child care foundation.


Iam a child who had no parents and only living with an old support less lady. I grew up with this grand mother of mine until I got my new adopted family. My old grand mother took me over under her care when I was one and half year old because my mother could not manage me as she was pregnant again for my brother. Later she gave birth but again lived shortly and died living me and my brother with grand mother. My grand mother did not know much about our father and in fact she thought our father was dead until she discovered him. This was too late again for help less children to live because that time I was joining University. But still when I got to know about him he was helpless because he is a very poor man living a poor village fortunately I was already adopted by the Molly and Paul.

Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation came and announced registration for orphans and needy children in Bombo which spread to all villages. Grandmother learnt of it and the next day she prepared us to go and God willing have a chance too. And when we presented our letter from the local village council, we were registered for free education. By that time I was in primary two and that was in 1989.Molly and Paul paid for all my school dues right from that time up to university. I went to good schools in the nation because of their support which I never thought of before.Forexample Molly and Paul primary school, Kitante Hill School and Kyambogo University where I graduated 2005 and started working with World Vision International for four years and currently where am(UCOM). Iam getting an income and able to support my grand mother and other needy children too because of Molly and Paul. I also went back for further studies because I was educated by these people and got a job which has enabled me pay for the dues.

Thank you and stay blessed.



MOB: 0782335611

Email: kansazebetty@yahoo.co.uk


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