Wheeling Preparatory Center Kansanga

Wheeling Preparatory Center is located at Kansanga a suburb of Kampala city along Ggaba Road. It is located in more of a slum area. It is also located in the north east of Kampala in Makindye division. After realizing the need for the children in Kananga to have education, Paul and Molly Wasswa decided to open up a school in this slum area. Since the school is in a city, land was a big problem, so Paul and Molly started it by renting the premises.

As I talk now the school has acquired part of its own land and part of it is still rented. School fees was a problem, parents were sending their children to sell chapatti, pancake, G-nuts, maize, etc. to mention but a few to earn a living. Paul and Molly thought it fit to help these families have their children educated.

The school was started in 1983. It was a humble beginning with a total number of 100 pupils. Parents/ guardians were made to pay some little money but some could still fail to pay at all at the end of the term. The trend has continued up to now.

The number went on growing year by year because of the good performance. Our children scored highly in the national examinations and joined some of the best secondary schools in Uganda. Wheeling preparatory school is a branch of Molly and Paul Christian Schools.The school has children from the most poor parents / guardians .

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Before visiting one of our schools as a vistor or volunteer, you should be aware of the following.

Many People have come to visit and also to render a helping hand in every way possible. We thank God that a lot of things have been accomplished and everyone has been blessed, both the school and students and volunteers themselves.

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