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Meet John Ssebunya

The crickets already turning up for the evening as Millie beckons us through one last tunnel of undergrowth and stops at a small, knobbly barked tree. "There", she say says breathlessly geticulating at the branch just above her head. "That's where he was. Up there", clinging to a branch, just like a monkey.


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    The Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation is a non-profit making Christian charity and registered N.G.O. (non-governmental organization) with a Registered Charity No.S.5914/481 issued by the National NGO Board in Uganda, East Africa . It was established in 1983 by Molly and Paul M. Wasswa for the purpose of helping disadvantaged children who are in desperate need of help and support.


    These vulnerable children may be orphaned, neglected, abandoned or simply living in acute poverty and are frequently effected by the ravages of HIV/AIDS.

    Molly and Paul M. Wasswa are a committed Christian couple who believe that God has placed upon their hearts the desire to reach out and meet the needs of these children.


    This has inspired them to donate their own land at Kamuzinda for the purpose setting up a Children?s Village where they can provide these desperate children with a home, free or subsidized education and vocational skills, which gives them opportunities and hope for a brighter future. Within the Children?s Village at Kamuzinda and other areas in Kampala the Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation provides a Primary, Secondary, Farm School and Medical Clinics. The Farm/Technical School is not only used to teach vocational skills but is able to produce food that is used to help feed the children.


    They also have five other Schools within Masaka and Kampala where they are able to help many children from poor rural areas and inner-city slums who would normally be denied the opportunity of an education. This charity benefits from the many volunteers that visit and give of their time, money and support, and also benefit from fundraising by The Pearl of Africa Children?s Choir plus grants and donations from churches, Schools, corporate sponsors and other organizations.

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