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Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation

Molly and Paul Child Care Foundathon is a registered NGO Non-Governmental Organization founded by a Christian couple – Molly and Paul M Wasswa. They are the same people who formed the Pearl gf Africa Children’s Choir which is now a UK Registered Charity. This has been possible with the help of our friends in UK.

The main purpose of this Choir is to fundrise for support for the work of The “Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation” in Uganda and looking after and caring for orphaned, and destitute/needy children/youth and their families. This is done through the provision and empowering them through education, feeding, healthcare, shelter and poverty alleviation and teaching them some skills

Molly and Paul are both teachers by profession and are happily married for now over 39 years. They are blessed with six of their own children plus thousands other children that God has placed in their care by the help of and support of friends and sponsors mainly in UK, USA and Ireland and other countries. Paul is a grown up orphan who got educated by the help through child sponsorship and adoption by Mae Allen Gadpaille African – American teacher from Boston MA.

In The Beginning

We had just been born again in the late 70s and my wife Molly and I were crying to God to give us our own children because we had only one child. Years past without another one. We also wanted to start a school of our own whereby we could care for the needy and orphaned children. One day I was sleeping then I had a knock at our door.I came frightened because during those days, there were a lot of shootings followed by killings almost everywhere. The person who was knocking insisted and went o calling my name “uncle Paul” [as people used to call me] I was astonished on hearing someone calling out my name, this meant that this person knew me very well!

Immediately after opening the door, I saw a very tall gentleman. He had very long silk hair and a skin of that of a white person, his garment was sparkling white and was quiet long. He told me that “Paul” I have heard your cry for children now I have come, but I want you to listen first. No sooner had he finished telling me to listen than I heard all sorts of children crying, then asked have you heard how children are suffering every where.[I could hear the children’s voices from different directions ]

He said NOW LOOK AT ME SEE WHAT I AM GOING TO DO. As I was amazingly focusing on him, first of all I saw the hills being lowered and every place became flat, then I beheld his great arm elongating [or stretching]as far it could reach. The arm touched the children over there and brought them where I was standing. Wherever the arm reached to touch the children, they stopped crying instantly. Now his other arm too started being busy. There is something which also astonished me is the way he could hold many children at once and gently, those whom he found holding anything in their hands he could bring together with them . Have you ever seen how a crane loads and off loads the containers on a ship? This is what exactly was happening. I stared at what he was doing and I became speechless. But as he continued to bring these little ones to me I tried to look around and I saw so many, a great number of children packed every where and I could not even see a more room for more of them. I gained my strength and told him,

SIR, these are enough. They will suffocate, could you please stop? Because they are now too many for me! All of them were sweating so was He asked me is that enough for you? I answered, Yes SIR. He then told me “NOW THAT YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH, I AM GOING, BUT I DON’T WANT TO COME BACK AND FIND CHILDREN CRYING AND SUFFERING. THEY MUST BE JOYFUL AND HAPPY”

He started walking making wide strides. As he started doing so, I also wanted to run back and call upon my wife Molly to come and see this amazing man and what he had done for us. Unfortunately I knocked my elbow against the wall and I realized that it was a vivid vision through a dream. When I told my wife what had happened we fell on our knees and started thanking God for what he had done for us. And for the next day after the dream people started bringing children under our care and God has been so faithful to this ministry. All the children who have ever studied in any of our schools have also been blessed.

We have a God who answers prayer. He hears the supplications and cries of his people. Just surrender your life to him today, and there Is going to be a difference and never the same again
Your child will be safe with us.

We appreciate your support, we feel your help in our hearts

Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation
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