The 2023 UK Tour for The Pearl Of Africa Children’s Choir

Over the last 10 weeks the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir have toured the U.K. bringing joy and happiness to everyone they have met!
A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in order to make a choir tour possible, and this year is no exception! We have relied heavily on our coordinators, volunteers, drivers, host families and schools/venues….Quite simply without you all the tour would not have been possible. THANK YOU! 🌟
And to our supporters who have given so generously through donations, craft sales, standing orders and gifts….we cannot THANK YOU enough! 🌟The money you have given will make a huge, huge difference in Uganda! 🙏🏼

We’re back from the UK

We’re happy to report the choir landed safely in Uganda earlier this afternoon and were welcomed by representatives from each of the Molly and Paul schools and units as well as by friends and family members! Even after two long flights they still had the energy for one more performance! Incredible! 🇺🇬🌟 See it here: AIRPORT PERFORMANCE
Thank you Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir 2023….you are all truly amazing human beings! Time for a well deserved rest! 🧡🥰
Webale Nyo! 🙏🏼👏🏼

National Trustees’ Week (6-10 November 2023)!

This week is National Trustees’ Week (6-10 November 2023)! Every year, National Trustees Week is celebrated in the first week of November. The theme this year is “Many voices. Working Together. With Purpose”, celebrating the individual talents, viewpoints, and experiences each trustee brings to their board and their collective decision-making and how diversity can help make a charity stronger.

Pearl of Africa Child Care Ltd is thankful to its six trustees for the time, commitment, and enthusiasm given, to achieve the aims, values, and work of the charity. You can read more about each of our Trustees by visiting our website!!


Pearl of Africa Choir at Yarmouth & Freshwater C of E Primary School

Yesterday the choir spent the day at Yarmouth & Freshwater C of E Primary School, teaching the children singing, drumming and dancing workshops before giving the school children and their friends/ families an uplifting, energetic evening performance! A fabulous time was had by all! Thank you to everyone involved in making the day possible and to everyone who came and supported! 🌟

Pearl of Africa Choir Visit to the Isle of Wight

The first day on the Isle of Wight was a pretty special one! The choir went to visit the residents at Brighstone Grange Care Home (Island Healthcare Ltd) where they chatted and did a mini concert bringing music and joy to all!
After lunch they had an afternoon out, visiting the Dinosaur Isle museum and looking at a display about a new species discovered on the local beach just 2 years ago! 🦕 It’s not every day you get to see a dinosaur’s footprint (well unless you live on the Isle of Wight! 🤭)  Today the choir is with a local primary school federation

Pearl of Africa Visit at Brighstone Grange

Yesterday Brighstone Grange was incredibly fortunate to receive a visit from the amazing Pearl of Africa Child Care Uganda children’s choir on their UK tour. They put on a fabulous show and everyone at the Grange loved it!! One of our lovely ladies-103 years young said the children were just wonderful. Thank you so much for bringing the biggest smile and joy to everybody-we cannot wait for a return visit next year please ❤️ For anyone that hasn’t heard of this fantastic organisation-please check out their Facebook page or website.


POA performs at Launceston Town Hall!

Well, it’s safe to say Storm Ciaran didn’t stop almost 200 people enjoying the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir last night when they performed at Launceston Town Hall! 🌟Thank you so much to everyone who braved the weather and came to support us, we hope you left with a bit of sunshine in your hearts! 🫶🏼

The Pearl of Africa Choir Visit to Humphry Davy School

“We are thrilled to welcome back the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir to HDS today! Students participated in a range of different musical workshops with our visitors this morning before coming together to perform their new musical talents. Year 7 students were then treated to a performance from the choir this afternoon. It was wonderful to see the choir in all their glory, their sound is infectious and it was great seeing our students getting into the groove. We look forward to watching them perform again this evening. Doors open at 6pm with the performance starting at 6:30pm, see you there!”

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