The school started in 2006 to provide Practical skills to children / Youth in the community. Secondly, after realizing that many children / students fail to go for further studies after their completion of P.7, S4 and S6 due to financial constraints, empowerment of this nature was most ideal.

The founders of the Pearl of Africa Children’s village Kamuzinda asked Apollo  Saku a graduate  of Makerere University now the present Principal to write a proposal for starting this school. Apollo and Rehema another organic agricultural teacher made a proposal to seek for funding which was accepted by   The Joshua Foundation of USA, AFRICA a UK charity and currently being supported by Pearl of Africa Child Care Ltd a UK charity and Uga-irish in Ireland.   Practical subjects such as tailoring are also taught at the school

Support was successfully acquired and the farm school was opened with few students on 2nd February 2006 on the Founder’s Birthday. We now have between 10 to 20 students per classroom and houses where students stay.  Our students have always been among the best at the centre where they sit the final exams. Others have come back to work with us, others have started their little farms while many are working within the community.

The categories of participants in the training centre will be those who have completed primary seven, senior four or had dropped out of school and may wish to study farming or to do other vocational subjects.

The students who join the farm school after S4 study for 2 years and at the end they should be ready to sit for a national examination in agriculture. They are awarded certificates which are nationally recognized. They can work as community agriculture advisors or can join a bigger institute for further studies. Other technical skills can also be acquired by the students. The courses are; car- pantry, cookery food technology and tailoring.