New Kabaale Busega Primary School is a Day and Boarding school founded by Mr. & Mrs. Molly Wasswa (for Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation) in 1984 from the age of 4 to 14 years. The school now is being partly sponsored by the PR. Trust since 2010. The PR. Trust pay the teacher’s salaries, children’s food and they provided text books.

The school is located in Kampala district, Rubaga division, Busega village in Kabaale zone. Molly and Paul were moved to buy a piece of land at Busega after realizing that many children were walking over 6 miles to Molly and Paul Kibuye which was the first primary orphanage school started by the couple.

This caused them to open up New Kabaale Busega Primary School with a view of extending the services near to the people of the community. Because it was a new project in the area, Molly and Paul decided to add the word New. That is how the school got it’s nameThe school has children from the poorest parents / guardians’ .The school has needy, orphaned and destitute children. Parents/ Guardians are asked to pay some little money as fees since the school has no sponsorship. School fees is poorly paid and some parents / guardians fail to pay at all. This causes the school fail to pay the teachers and support staff salaries regularly and to construct or renovate the school buildings.

The school also couldn’t provide lunch to the children except those who could afford to pay some money for lunch but special thanks goes to the PR. Trust which enabled all the children to have lunch freely.
The school has a Parents Teacher’s Association (PTA), (This is a local voluntary organization of Parents and teachers that is intended to promote closer relations and improve the school). It is fully active in the school activities.